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Create-It-Yourself Kids Kites: A Unique Solution For Entertaining Kids

Whenever a large group of kids comes together, it is a struggle for parents or caregivers to come up with enough activities to keep them busy. Nothing is worse than a room full of bored kids! There are the old standbys like musical chairs or stringing bead necklaces, but most kids have already done those hundreds of times. An art project like do-it-yourself kids kites can be just the thing to capture their attention and imagination. Kids love building things. They exhibit such a sense of pride when they have made something that can be truly useful. That's why creating original kids kites is the perfect art project to add to any gathering of kids because they offer a variety of uses. Kids artistically design their own kite and can then take them outside for a test flight. Birthday PartiesMost kids go to a dozen or so birthday parties in any given year. Unfortunately, most of them rely on the same games and activities over and over again. For a truly original birthday party, have each party attendee design thei...


Easy Crafts for Kids Using Recycled Materials

With the push to "go green" on everyone's minds it's important that parents help their children understand what it means to recycle. There is no better way to that than by using recycled materials in crafts. Remember when you were young and used empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make things with? There is no reason why you can't pass those creative ideas onto your children while being "green" at the same time. There are a variety of other materials that could be added to your recycled material list. Consider keeping fabric and carpet scraps that could be used to create costumes or even curtains in a cardboard box playhouse. Magazines and aluminum foil make great decorations for a cardboard house and even old CDs that no longer work can be used to make wind chimes. There are plenty of crafts that can be done with recycled materials and they make great presents for family members. If your children love to play outdoors and help around the garden, then you can help them create their own watering can. S...


How to Create a Family Time Capsule

Creating a family time capsule can be a fun activity for the entire family. Whether you do it during a holiday, special family occasion or just to be together as a family, everyone can take part. You can ask each family member to contribute items specific to a family event or to cover a specific time period. It can also be fun to just ask your family to contribute items that have meaning to them at that point in their lives. Once your capsule is complete, decide on the amount of time that should elapse before you open it. You and your family can have a lot of fun when you open the capsule and see the memories that it holds. Here are a couple of ideas to help you start on your own family time capsule. Special Event Time Capsules A yearly time capsule can be a fun way to remember holidays or birthdays. The opening of the family time capsule can be part of your holiday tradition, as would be the creation of the new capsule. Looking through the time capsule and remembering items that were important to ...


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