Sell Your Art Online With Your Own Unique Website

If you are serious about selling your art online, then you should be serious about developing your own website. I am not referring to those free website builders your Internet Service Provider gives you or any other free website providers. I am talking about a professional website with your own unique domain name: There are good reasons why you should never use a free design service. The company that provides the free service owns your website space and they can do whatever they wish with your site, namely advertise on it. There is nothing more unprofessional than unrelated banner advertising and popup windows that are usually associated with free websites. Not only are they annoying, but they also distract visitors from your art. There is also the risk that your website provider may go out of business. That free site you spent all that time promoting is gone and your efforts were in vain. With your own unique domain name, the worst-case scenario is you have to change hosting accounts. Your ...


Wedding Crafts - Homemade Wedding Favors

One great way to add uniqueness to a wedding is to involve homemade wedding crafts. There are several areas of the wedding where you can use your creativity and skill to handcraft things. Probably the most famous to handcraft are the favors. Wedding favors are little gifts for the guests. Giving them away is one way for you to thank your friends and loved ones for attending the most special day of your life. It is always worth planning in advance about the wedding favors to give out. Your budget, time, and number of guests are the major factors when it comes to your wedding favors. Depending on your available fund, you can buy or make your own souvenirs. If you wish to handcraft your wedding favors, you have to start working way in advance especially if you are expecting hundreds of guests. A traditional wedding favor that you can easily make is a small favor box that is made up of sweets. Or you may fill it with chocolate or some rose petals. Sweets, petals, and even confetti are available in cheap prices ...


Wall Decorating Ideas

Room makeovers don't need to be expensive or involved. It is possible to change your room in as little as ten minutes of your time. All it takes is using something you already have or finding an inexpensive item and using it in an unusual or stylish way. These tips can help you realize how easy it is to decorate your walls. Create Unique Artwork Displays: Original artwork is not just for your guests to view and enjoy in your living room or dining room. Artwork should be enjoyed by family members also, so go ahead and hang that large original piece of artwork on a wall in a bedroom. You can add color and eye pleasing appeal to a small room or monochromatic color scheme by hanging brightly colored prints. A small neutral color bathroom will come to life when you hang a bright print on the wall. Colorful prints decorating the walls of any room with a neutral color scheme will brighten up the room and add eye appeal. Consider unique placement of your artwork. The space between the top of your door ...


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